Research in early neurological development shows that a child’s earliest years are an especially critical period of brain development. Planet Play has added Vroom Tips as a way to offer caregivers tools for fun and easy ways to add learning and promote bonding in unexpected places. The science behind every tip is explained so caregivers can see how these small moments can make a big difference in their children’s lives. By taking early brain science out of the lab and putting it in the hands of caregivers, Planet Play is using Vroom® to empower parents to see what they are already doing to support their child’s brain development and encouraging more of it.

Vroom was developed on the premise that every child is born with enormous potential and every parent has the ability to help them realize that potential. Vroom translates leading research on early brain development into meaningful and actionable activities for families. Vroom has 1000+ free bilingual tips that are easy, interactive things parents can do in the time they already share with their children that don’t require additional time or money. Look for Vroom Tips posted throughout Planet Play the next time you visit!

Continue to discover more Brain Building Moments for free through the Vroom app, Alexa skill, Vroom by Text, on social media, or at Vroom.org.