Visit our first PlaySpace at 5504 Troost

In our PlaySpace at 5504 Troost, the experiences are directed by the child, not adults or equipment. Our materials encourage imaginative, creative play with “loose parts” rather than following directions to make a piece of equipment work. Adult “Funstigators” enable each child’s choices for free play and engage parents in extending unstructured play at home. Each experience area has a learning-based focus: Create (designing and making with building and art materials); Discover (tinkering and experimenting to build early science and engineering interest); and Imagine (pretend & symbolic play, collaborating with others).

We are planning  a network of small PlaySpace sites in diverse communities across metro Kansas City. Our flexible, distributed site-network concept brings play to the people…

In 2013 we asked Kansas City families in diverse communities what they expect in children’s play experiences. They told us loud and clear: near home.  Close to 60% said they won’t travel more than 10 miles for a play experience. In a community as geographically spread out as ours, that means multiple sites with flexibility to move in and out of short-term spaces, in suburban and urban neighborhoods alike, developed with neighborhood input to be responsive to the expressed needs of families in our community.